Pass it on to kids! Primary school students need to know 124 popular science knowledge, but how much do you know?

Pass it on to kids! Primary school students need to know 124 popular science knowledge, but how much do you know?
124 popular science knowledge

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1. Why do you see lightning first and then hear thunder? (light waves travel faster than sound in air)

2. Who became China's first Olympic champion? (Xu Haifeng)

3. Who are these titles below? (Poet Immortal-Li Bai, Poet Sage-Du Fu, Poet-Ghost-Li He Landscape Poet-Meng Haoran, Poet Shepherd-Tao Yuanming)

4. What does moon revolve around? How long is cycle? (Earth) (24 hours)

5. What is smallest and coldest star? (Pluto)

6. What is thick blanket of earth? (atmosphere)

7. Why is there a black box on an airplane? (Used to record various situations in aircraft at time of crash and help people understand cause of crash)

8. What are customs of Spring Festival? (Sweeping house, setting off explosions, posting Spring Festival couplets, eating New Year's Eve dinner, etc.)

9. What animal can predict earthquakes? (cow, horse, donkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, snake, rat, dog, cat, swallow, eagle, etc.)

10. What plants bloom first and then grow leaves? (forsythia, winter jasmine, winter sweet, peach tree, pear tree)

11. Why is medicine bottle light? (Because light colors can reflect light, dark colors absorb more light when exposed to sunlight, and drugs deteriorate quickly)

12. Who invented steam engine? (watt)

13. Which dinosaur is strongest? (Stegosaurus)

14. What is blood of earth? (magma)

15. Why can't I turn off lights and watch TV? (The TV screen and images are relatively small. When viewing in dark, vision must be highly concentrated and expanded, and it is especially sensitive to strong reflection of light on TV screen, which will stimulate eyes and reduce vision)

16. Who is in top ten marshals of People's Republic of China? (Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, He Long, Chen Yi, Liu Bocheng, Luo Ronghuan, Xu Xiangqian, Nie Rongzhen, Lin Biao, Ye Jiangying)

17. Why don't rabbits drink water? (Because main food of rabbits contains a lot of water in vegetables, which is enough for needs of body. If there is too much water in intestines, it will suffer from gastroenteritis. But when rabbit does not have enough water in body, he can also drink water)

18. What is a shooting star? (refers to light trails created by small particulate matter or dust in space breaking through into earth's atmosphere)

19. Who is most prominent astronomer in Chinese history? (Zhang Heng)

20. Who is inventor of battery? (volt)

21. Who were first two astronauts to reach moon? (Armstrong and Aldrin)

22. What province and city is Mount Tai in? (Shandong Taishan City)

23. What are five most valuable gems in world called? (opal, emerald, diamond, sapphire, ruby)

24. What is name of ancestor of fish? (Amphora)

25. What is name of most venomous spider in world? (wolf spider)

26. What is capital of France? (Paris)

27. What is capital of UK? Answer: London.

28. What are four main types of seafood used in my country? Answer: large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, hairtail, squid.

29. What is largest mammal? Answer: blue whales.

30. What is largest amphibian? Answer: salamander.

31. What animal is ancestor of amphibians? Answer: fish.

32. What was earliest harvest? Answer: wheat.

33. Who is one who threw off hat of oil-poor China? Answer: Li Siguang.

34. Who Invented Anesthesia? Answer: Hua To.

35. Who invented eraser? Answer: Edison.

36. Who Invented Rocket? Answer: Qian Xuesen.

37. How long does a sea turtle live? Answer: 300 years.

38. China is country that produces most tigers in world, so what is most valuable? Answer: Amur tiger.

39. What animal was first domesticated by man? Answer: chicken.

40. What is tallest mammal? Answer: giraffe.

41. What is earliest green plant on earth? Answer: cyanobacteria.

42. Which plant represents world? Answer: olive branches.

43. What is UFO symbol? Answer: flying saucer.

44. How long can a cactus live without watering? Answer: 6 years.

45. What is blood type of Camellia? Answer: Type O.

46. Who is father of hybrid rice in my country? Answer: Yuan Longping.

47. Who Invented Airplane? Answer: The Wright Brothers.

48. What are four main evils in world? Answer: Rats, mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs.

49. Won first international gold medal for China? Answer: Wu Chuanyu.

50. Who was first to predict appearance of a comet? Answer: Harley.

51. What is common language of Han people? Answer: Mandarin.

52. What animal is called an insect catcher? Answer: praying mantis.

53. When did China participate in Olympic Games? Answer: 1924.

54. How long did longest marathon run take? Answer: 54 years old.

55. Is table tennis a "national sport" that Chinese are proud of? Answer: yes.

56. In which country was ice cream invented? Answer: China.

57. Who is first person in world to win Jaubert Prize twice? Answer: Madame Curie

58. What dynasty did soy sauce come from? Answer: Qin and Han period.

59. Who invented very first mine? Answer: The patriotic name is Qi Jiguang.

60. What are types of calligraphy? Answer: regular script, italic script, print script, official script, working script, regular script.

61. Which country celebrates Thanksgiving? Answer: United States.

62. What day of week is Thanksgiving? Answer: Fourth Sunday in November every year.

63. Are plants air purifiers? Answer: yes.

64. Which mosquitoes suck human blood? Answer: female mosquitoes.

65. Which short story has deep meaning? Answer: Fables.

66. How many solar terms are in Chinese lunar calendar? (24)

67. According to laws of our country, citizens under age of one year are called minors? (18)

68. Are penguins endemic to Antarctic or Arctic? (Antarctica)

69. There are four oceans on earth, which ocean is located in northernmost part of earth? (Arctic Ocean)

70. What are "five elements" in ancient Chinese culture? (Golden tree, water, fire, earth)

71. Which star is closest to Earth? (Sun)

72. What black and white straight stripes do we often see on product packaging? (barcode)

73. What animal is sitting in well in fable "Sitting in well and looking at sky"? (frog)

74. When you eat western food, which hand should we hold knife in and which hand should we hold fork in? (knife in right hand, fork in left)

75. What are four treasures of exploration? (pen, ink, paper and ink stone)

76. What is first surname in "One Hundred Generic Surnames"? (Zhao)

77. Which of four great inventions of my ancient country invented paper making? (Cai Lun)

78. What is smallest bird in world? Answer: hummingbird.

79. What are four great classics of Chinese classical literature? ("Dream of Red Mansions", "Journey to West", "Edge of Water", "Romance of Three Kingdoms")

80. Are characters with white makeup usually good or bad? (bad boys)

81. The largest island in my country: (Taiwan island)

82. Can electric fans cool air? (can't)

83. In my ancient country there was a saying "qin, chess, calligraphy and painting". What does qin mean? What is chess? (Guzheng Guo)

84. How many bones are in human body? (206 blocks)

85. Which lake is largest inland salt lake in my country? (Qinghai Lake)

86. What is name of China's first research station in Antarctica? (Great Wall Station)

87. Who was scientist who invented telephone? (call)

88. What is hardest substance known in nature? (diamond (diamond))

89. What is Renewable Clean Conventional Energy? (water energy)

90. When is World Environment Day celebrated each year? (June 5)

91. Which organ has highest percentage of water in human body? Answer: eyeballs.

92. How many tons of water do people need to drink in a lifetime? (80 tons).

93. What are three primary colors in art? (red, yellow, blue)

94.What is normal human body temperature? (about 370°C)

95. How many years have Olympic Games, biggest sporting event in world, been held? (four years)

96. What color are "five rings" on Olympic "five-ringed flag"? (red, yellow, blue, green, black)

97. What is name of gas that supports gscreaming in air? (oxygen)

98. What are names of astronauts aboard Shenzhou V manned spacecraft? (Yang Liwei)

99. Closest animal to humans: (gorilla)

100. The "five tastes" of food refer to (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty)

101. Four great inventions in history of our country (printing, gunpowder, compass and paper making)

102. When a person sleeps, it is best to sleep on right side.

103. Who are two astronauts driving Shenzhen VI? (Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng)

104. "Smoking is bad for health" refers to annual World No Tobacco Day (May 31)

105. Commonly known to people, “white pollution” is a type of solid waste that belongs to (plastic waste)

106. Who is earliest known doctor in China? Answer: Bian Qu

107. What is most famous full-length mythological novel in my country? Answer: "Journey to West"

108. Four ancient civilizations are birthplace of human culture and cradle of digital production and growth. Which four countries are these four ancient civilizations?

Answer: Babylon, Ancient Egypt, India, China

109. Which scientist is called "father of hybrid rice"? Answer: Yuan Longping

110. In what year did former Soviet Union successfully launch world's first artificial Earth satellite? Answer: 1957.

111. What is largest organ in human body? Answer: skin.

112.Who was first Soviet cosmonaut to fly into space? Answer: Gagarin

113. What is tallest skyscraper in world? Answer: Sears Tower, Chicago.

114. Who invented car? Answer: Mercedes Benz

115. Who was first to circumnavigate world? (Famous Portuguese navigator Magellan)

116. May I ask who invented electric light? (Edison)

117. Who is Chinese "father of missiles"? (Qian Xuesen)

118. Who was first aircraft designer in my country? (Feng Rou)

119. What is called "sea light cavalry"? (boat)

120. Will bacteria in refrigerator freeze to death? (no)

121. Who was first mathematician to accurately measure pi between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927? (Zu Chongzhi)

122. Who is first female academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Lin Qiaozhi)

123. Knowledge is power "Is this famous British scientist and philosopher who is famous? (Bacon)

124. Who is founder of theory of biological evolution? (Darwin)

How many did you answer correctly?