Ten scientific facts you need to know

Ten scientific facts you need to know

The most important side effects of statins are damage to liver and striated muscles.

Ten scientific facts you need to know

2. The “earliest” ECG change after a myocardial infarction is that T wave in corresponding lead becomes taller and sharper.

3. Myoglobin is "earliest" marker that appears in blood after myocardial necrosis.

4. Rheumatic valvular heart disease remains "most" common cause of acquired heart disease in children and adolescents in developing countries.

5. Diastolic hum is "most" important symptom of mitral stenosis.

6. Atrial fibrillation is "most" common arrhythmia in patients with mitral stenosis.

7. Myxoid degeneration of mitral valve is "most" characteristic pathological manifestation of mitral valve prolapse.

8. The "most" characteristic sign of mitral regurgitation caused by mitral valve prolapse is a mid-to-late systolic click heard at apex and slightly medially, followed by a late systolic murmur.

9. Doppler echocardiography is "most" accurate non-invasive method for diagnosing and evaluating mitral regurgitation.

10. Congenital deformity of bicuspid valve is "most" common cause of congenital aortic stenosis.