10 general knowledge about life

10 general knowledge about life

1. To use 1 degree of natural gas, it is necessary to emit carbon dioxide (C) kg into atmosphere.

A.0.5 B.0.6 C.0.19D.0.8

2. Do you know which of following is not a low carb diet? (A)

A. Try to drink tea bags B. Make more drinks and homemade foods C. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat D. Try to drink loose tea

3. When computer is not used for a short time, turn on mode (D) and power consumption can be reduced to less than 50%.

A. Sleep mode B. Boot mode C. Screen saver D. Turn off display

4. Use air conditioning to save energy. When air conditioner cools, room temperature rises by (B) °C, and when air conditioner heats up, room temperature decreases by () °C, which can save more than 10% of electricity.


5. Frozen food uses (B) times more energy than fresh food.

A. Two B. Five C. Six D.+

6. Which of following does not apply to energy saving measures in kitchen (C).

A. It is best not to reheat cooked food or defrost frozen food in microwave.

B. It is better to cut large pieces of food into small pieces before putting them in pan.

C. How many types of dishes are cooked, several holes in one oven are used at same time

D. Soak washed rice for 10 minutes before cooking

7. It is estimated that China's annual per capita carbon dioxide emissions are (A) tons.

A.1.5B.2.7 C.5.8D.6.8

8. After a few hours, turn off air conditioner and immediately turn on electric fan. Use this method at night,

You don't have to run air conditioner all night, which saves almost (C)% electricity.


9. It takes about (B) months for waste paper to decompose in nature.


10 general knowledge about life