12 Cold Knowledge You Don't Know, It Seems A Little Unrealistic, But It Has Real Scientific Principles

12 Cold Knowledge You Don't Know, It Seems A Little Unrealistic, But It Has Real Scientific Principles

1. In fact, only nine bird species are allowed in cages in China. Our common starlings, mynas, thrushes, etc. are included in list of animals protected by state, and private cages are prohibited.

2. Only 86% of adults in world can read. In other words, 14% of adults in world cannot read.

3. How good is China's infrastructure? Foreigners created a website called "The Highest Ranked Bridges" and found that among top 100 bridges, only 19 were not built by China, and among top 10, only China accounted for 8.

4. The highest hall of "Chinese Calligraphy": Sanxi Hall.

5. Every part of body needs a blood supply to keep it working and functioning properly, and only part of human body that does not need a blood supply to function properly is cornea.

6. Suck marks are mostly due to rupture of subcutaneous blood vessels caused by excessive suction during kissing. The so-called suction marks are actually bruises.

7. Santana is a generation of "magic machines" in minds of many people. The first batch of domestic Santana was available at that time only to a few people

8. The bottle tree, whose trunk can store 2 tons of water, is tree with largest water storage capacity in world. The bottle tree lives in South America, can reach 30 m in height and 5 m in thickness, thin at both ends and thick in middle, stores about 2 tons of water.

9. The Tangula railway station of Qinghai-Tibet Railway is highest unmanned railway station in world and is operated by satellite remote control.

10. Northern ringed lemmings build "toilets" underground and often defecate there to keep their own ultraviolet feces from attracting predators.

11. In China, you can use SMS to call police. Edit text message and send it to 12110. It appears that WeChat alarms have also been activated in some areas.

12. The scientific name for exploding ants is Sanga flathead ant. It is common in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. This type of ant explodes when it encounters a strong enemy. Although poison from explosion sometimes cannot kill enemy, it can effectively contain and entangle enemy, and you can also notify your companions of danger in advance and evacuate in time.

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