50 of most advanced science questions in world, if you know half of them, well done!

50 of most advanced science questions in world, if you know half of them, well done!

The 50 most advanced science questions in world, you may know half of them! What 50 are there? Please read further:

1. Is there an easy way to determine if there are infinitely many solutions to an elliptic curve?

2. Why do almost all attempts to change poverty in Sahara fail?

3. Is political freedom closely related to economic freedom?

4. What impact does a high government deficit have on national interests and economic growth?

5. Why do some countries develop while others stand still?

6. What is human race and how does human race evolve?

7. What is basis of human culture?

8. How many races exist at moment and how are they related?

9. How is ecosystem responding to global warming?

10. Why are some dinosaurs so huge?

11. Is it possible to avoid extinction of species?

12. What makes a substance disappear?

13. Why aren't all plants immune to all diseases?

14. How did plant flowers evolve?

15. Who is common ancestor of humans?

16. What is a view? How many species exist on Earth?

17. How much does personality depend on genetics?

18. What is limit of learning with computers?

19. How does the brain form moral concepts?

20. What is biological basis of human addiction?

21. How long can Alzheimer's patients live?

22. What is cause of schizophrenia? What is cause of autism?

23. How do anesthetics work?

24. Why is there a critical period in language learning?

25. Why do people dream?

26. Why does immune system of a pregnant woman not reject fetus?

27. Is inflammation root cause of all chronic diseases?

28. Is it easier to control a tumor than to treat it?

29. What causes puberty?

30. Are stem cells cause of all tumors?

31. Why can cell components replicate independently of DNA?

32. How many forms of cell death are there?

33. How many ways are there for protein to exist in human body?

34. What is origin of chiral principle in nature?

35. Is there life on other planets in solar system?

36. Are there earthquake harbingers useful for forecasting?

37. What is reason for reversal of Earth's magnetic field?

38. How do planets form?

39. What drives solar magnetic cycle?

40. Will thermonuclear fusion become energy source of future?

41. Is there a limit to rational chemical synthesis?

42. Does superfluidity exist in solids, and if so, how to explain it?

43. Is it possible to produce magnetic semiconductors at room temperature?

44. Can you make perfect optical lens?

45. Can people create most powerful laser?

46. Are there elementary particles smaller than quarks?

47. Why is time different from other dimensions?

48. What is nature of gravity?

49. What is nature of a black hole?

50. What drives expansion of universe?