18 Cold Knowledge: Analyzing From A Scientific Perspective, Strange Knowledge That Often Appears Without A Detailed Explanation

18 Cold Knowledge: Analyzing From A Scientific Perspective, Strange Knowledge That Often Appears Without A Detailed Explanation

Scientifically analyzed, 18 strange cold facts that often appear but are not explained in detail. ‍


1. Flamingo feathers are white because there is a lot of astaxanthin in flamingo food, so feathers will turn white, and once their feathers fall off, they will turn white again.

2. Most people can only see three primary colors, but very few people can see four colors. People with tetrachromatic vision can see 100 times more colors than normal people.

3. The proportion of body fat in growing pigs is usually about 14%, while proportion of body fat in fattening pigs is only about 19%, and proportion of body fat in the thinnest pigs is only about 9.3%. .

4. Continuously whisking raw chicken can heat it up to mature chicken. Relevant experiments have shown that if beaten 135,000 times continuously for 8 hours, raw chicken will turn into cooked chicken.


5. With loss of one tooth, bite force of teeth will decrease by 22%, with loss of two teeth, bite force will decrease by 50%, with loss of three teeth, bite force will decrease by 63%.

6. Sharks are very sensitive to smell of blood. Even if there is only one millionth of blood in water, sharks can immediately detect it.

Seven. The bystander effect indicates that people will share a sense of responsibility. For example, when two people get into an accident together, chance that other person will be saved is close to 100%. The chance will be greatly reduced. .


8. Two butterflies with wings of different colors and even patterns exist, but probability of their occurrence is less than one in ten million.

9. Newborns are now tied with a rolled-up strip of fabric, this strip of fabric is called a "comfort belt", which can give baby a sense of security.


10. Chocolate contains a chemical called phenyl, which is released by brain when it falls in love.

11. Only about 9% of plastic has been effectively recycled, 12% of plastic is burned directly, and 79% of plastic still exists around world in various forms.


Twelve. Even during Han Dynasty, something similar to chewing gum already existed. It was called a chewable at time and was made from a plant called chicken tongue.

Thirteen. Guardsmen in palace dramas of Qing Dynasty mostly appeared in dragon costumes, but in real history, guardsmen were not soldiers, but officers, and they were all relatives of high-ranking officials.Many generals in Qing Dynasty served as guardsmen when they were young .Elite among today's rich and beautiful.

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