Time of popular science | 10 Scientific Knowledge That Will Make Your Eyes Shine!

Time of popular science | 10 Scientific Knowledge That Will Make Your Eyes Shine!

#挑战30天在头条写写日记# We live in a world full of charm and science. Did you know these amazing and useful scientific facts? Let's find out today!

1. Human DNA can store digital music of century

Have you ever thought about copying and saving your favorite pieces of music? Now you can reset them for DNA. Scientists have confirmed that 1 gram of DNA can store 1 gigabyte of data and carry entire Internet using an amount of DNA size of a box of chocolates. This technology allows our technical culture to survive and guarantee future discoveries.

2. Madagascar bees can peck at car tires

Madagascar bees have such a strong sting that they can peck through car tires and disable them before a long flight. Care should be taken when driving in these areas.

3. Relationship between young leaves and strong earthquakes

When an earthquake occurs, tiny cracks appear on young leaves. Such cracks are caused by volumetric stresses that trees are subjected to as a result of earthquakes. Therefore, strength and location of an earthquake can be understood by looking at the leaves.

4. Loneliness doesn't just make you lonely

The psychological burden of loneliness affects not only your mood, but also your physical health. Loneliness entails tangible and intangible costs, including an increased risk of disease and early death.

5. Your phone will drink

Did you know that your phone needs water? The electrolytes in your phone's batteries need moisture to keep them running, so if you're outside on a hot day or using your phone offline for an extended period of time, you'll want to give your phone a glass of water.

Of course, it's not that phone itself needs water, but that its battery needs water to function properly. Therefore, in high temperature, long-term use of mobile phones, etc., it is recommended to put mobile phone on a damp towel or spray water mist to keep moisture around battery. Do not immerse phone directly in water, otherwise it will cause device to malfunction. Remember not to insert a pen or other sharp objects into charging interface, as this may damage the battery components and cause a technical failure.

6. Drinking afternoon tea throughout day is good for your health

Sipping afternoon tea throughout day helps you conserve energy and work more efficiently. Scientists have confirmed that tea drinking can help lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

7. Children need more sleep than adults

Children need more sleep than adults because their bodies take longer to recover and grow. It takes about 10 hours of sleep, and adults need about 7 hours of sleep.

8. Elephants always remember where they were last summer

Elephants have amazing memories because their brains are much larger than humans and can store a huge amount of information. Studies have shown that elephants can remember events years ago, including last summer's savannah.

9. The beach rises at night

Did you know that every day beach looks different, especially at night. This is because sand particles with tiny air particles come into contact with water, form low specific gravity oxides, and then astronomically impact sand, lifting it up and moving it to new shorelines, making it difficult to predict shape of sand every day.

10. The human voice can be used to generate electricity

Scientists have recently discovered that human voice can be used to generate electricity. This technology converts sound into electricity, which can help provide cities with sustainable circular energy.

This attention-grabbing scientific knowledge undoubtedly reveals amazing and mysterious veil of scientific world, we must learn to appreciate and realize how mysterious things are hidden in our world.