20 Interesting Scientific Cold Knowledge That Opens Your Eyes

20 Interesting Scientific Cold Knowledge That Opens Your Eyes

1. The Earth's rotation is slowing down by 1.8 milliseconds every year, and our daily time is getting longer. In age of dinosaurs, a day lasted only about 22 hours!

2. The rainbow is actually a circle. Normally we can't see a full round rainbow because Earth's horizon obscures the bottom.

3. Among 46,000 spider species that have been discovered, only one spider is herbivorous (jumping spider: Bagheera kiplingi).

4. When you first sleep in a new place, half of your brain comes into a state of readiness.

5. The microwave oven was invented by accident when Percy Spencer discovered that a lollipop in his pocket had melted while standing in front of a live radar device.

6. The study showed that birds never collide with each other because they always turn right when they meet each other head-on.

7. The outer layer of shark teeth is made up of fluoride, active ingredient in most toothpastes, so sharks never get cavities.

8. In vacuum of universe, if two pieces of metal of same type are in direct contact, they will automatically fuse together. Scientists call this phenomenon “cold welding”.

9. Do you hear sound of sea with shells?

When you put a shell to your ear and listen to sound of ocean, you can hear blood flowing through your veins! You can use any goblet to hear this effect.

10. Do dolphins drink water?

Dolphins can't drink sea water! If dolphins drink sea water, it will be harmful to body and can even be fatal. They all get water their bodies need from food.

11. Is your recording same as your normal voice?

Not same. When we listen to our own voice, sound is transmitted through air and bones, and when we listen to it through a tape recorder, sound is transmitted from air to tape recorder and then back to ear from air. After impact of the machine. The transmission paths are different. The sound will also be different.

12. Dinosaurs often swallowed large rocks. These stones remain in their stomachs and help them grind their food.

13. Dogs may look ashamed, but they don't feel guilty at all, according to one interesting biologist study.

14. Some fossil studies have found that whales were able to crawl on land around 47 million years ago.

15. Women live longer than men, in large part because their immune systems age more slowly.

16. Statistics have shown that men spend almost a year of their lives looking at women.

17. Most people can live 2 months without food, but people can only live 11 days without sleep. Sleep is extremely important for people's physical and mental health.

18. There is still no definitive study on why people produce tears from laughter, joy, and sadness. There are many different types of tears, but emotional tears are considered exclusively human.

19. According to one statistic, a woman spends nearly a year of her life deciding what clothes to wear.

20. The way sharks urinate is special, it depends on the skin, so why shark meat is not tasty, I think you should understand...