15 Cold Knowledge You Don't Know Looks False But Has Real Scientific Principles

15 Cold Knowledge You Don't Know Looks False But Has Real Scientific Principles

1. Not all people experience a refreshing effect when drinking coffee, and some people feel sleepy when they drink coffee.

2. The pupils of goats are very special and rectangular. This unique pupil can provide goats with a very wide horizontal field of vision. Even if they don't need to turn their heads significantly, they can still see within 340 degrees. eyes thing.

3. Cordyceps sinensis, also known as Cordyceps sinensis, is a strange thing that grows with insects and grass. In winter, it is a worm, and in summer, worm grows into grass.

4. A British study found that people who have a longer ring finger than their index finger have a better sense of direction, and people who have a longer index finger than their ring finger are better at learning logical knowledge, such as science. and mathematics.

5. Both head and tail of a planarian can regenerate, with head regenerating faster than tail.


6. The donkey's eyes can see its own four legs at any time.

7. In mothers who are breastfeeding, as long as they hear a baby's cry, whether it is biological or not, body automatically produces hormones that promote milk secretion.

8. Overestimating how well others know about our own mental attitude and overestimating how much others know about our condition is called transparency illusion.

9.Smoking on plane during flight is generally prohibited, but 20-30 years ago smoking was allowed in specially designated areas during flight, and there were many gifts on plane, which was most popular at that time. The only ones are 5 packs of Zhonghua cigarettes and chocolates with liquor.

10. Elephant dung contains a lot of plant fibers. It is theoretically possible to use elephant droppings to make high-quality paper, and in fact more than a dozen companies in East Africa are doing it.


11. Teeth have only one feeling - pain. When you eat something too hot or too cold, or when dentist operates on your tooth, you simply feel pain, and that is only reaction of nerves surrounding your tooth.

12. There is a strong correlation between sense of time and attention.

13. In a hotel that looks very tall, back kitchen and food storage area can be very dirty with cockroaches and rats.

14. 4 hugs a day will help you live; 8 hugs a day will help keep you happy all day long; 12 hugs a day will make you permanently happy.

15. The Qianlong Emperor is emperor who wrote most poetry among all emperors. He wrote over 40,000 poems in his lifetime, but quality of writings is a matter of concern. The emperor who wrote most poetry in history was Cao Pi during Three Kingdoms period Not only poetry The quantity is high and quality is high.


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