100 Scientific Common Senses High School Students Must Master Bookmarked

100 Scientific Common Senses High School Students Must Master Bookmarked

1. The first one to create numbers is: (C)

A. Arab

B. Greek

C. Indian

D. Romans

2. According to theory of plate tectonics, Earth's lithosphere is divided into six main plates, and only plate that is entirely composed of oceans is: (A)

A. Pacific Plate

B. Indian Ocean Plate

C. Asia-Europe Platform

D. Antarctic Plate

3. The rainy season in south of my country refers to: (C)

A. Orographic Rain

B. Convective Rain

C. Frontal rain

D. thunderstorm

4. Generally speaking, for every 1000 meters above sea level, temperature drops: (A)

A. 6℃

B. 4℃

C. 1℃

D. 2℃

5. The plane flies from Beijing to Urumqi in 3.5 hours, but when returning to Beijing from Urumqi, flight speed remains same, but takes only 3 hours. Reason: (C)

A. Earth rotation effect

B. Effect of time difference between two places

C. Influence of westerly wind at high altitudes in middle latitudes

D. Flight Line Influence

6. Reasons for determining development of organisms from aquatic to terrestrial, from simple to complex, from low to high: (D)

A. genetic

B. Option

C. Fight for survival

D. natural selection

7. In Solar System, mass of central celestial body, Sun, is approximately total mass of Solar System: (D).

A. 91%

B. 93.7%

C. 98.6%

D. 99.8%

8. The order of eight planets from nearest to farthest from Sun: (A).

A. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

B. Mars, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune

C. Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

D. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune

9. (D) - a scientist who for first time in world made number pi with an accuracy of up to 7 decimal places.

A. Verdagor

B. Aristotle

C. Newton

D. Zu Chongzhi

10. The basis of high technology in 21st century is: (B).

A. Information Technology

B. Biotechnology

C. New energy technologies

D. Aerospace Technologies

11. According to latest results of modern physical research, smallest constituent unit of matter is (D).

A. proton

B. Neutron

C. Hadron

D. Quark

12. In history of development of human society, there were three scientific and technological revolutions, which are marked (C).

A. The invention of steam engine, invention of textile machine, invention of electronic computer

B. The invention of steam engine, invention of electricity, invention of electronic computer

C. invention of steam engine, invention of electricitythe invention of electronic computer, and invention and use of atomic energy

D. The invention of steam engine, invention of textile machine, invention and use of atomic energy

13. The highest daily temperature is observed in (B).

A. At noon

B. Around 14:00

C. 8-9 am

D. At sunset

14. The world's first subway was built in 1863: (D)

A. Tokyo

B. New York

C. Berlin

D. London

E, Paris

15. The world's first genetically transplanted crop: (B)

A. tomato

B. Tobacco

C. Cabbage

16. Seven inches of phrase "beat snake and beat seven inches" refers to: (B)

A. Throat

B. heart

C. head

17. How to determine age of a fish (B)

A. By length of fish

B. By scales on fish

C. In teeth of a fish

18. What are most divided borders of African countries? (B)

A. Geometric methods of lines or curves

B. Longitude or duck

C. Natural landforms such as rivers and mountains

D. Nationality

19. Snow water, rain water and mineral water of same weight are burned with same firepower, which water will boil last? (A)

A. snow water

B. rainwater

C. Mineral water

20. A plant that can release oxygen at night is (B)

A. Chlorophytum

B. Cactus

C. Purple

21. What plastic alloys are made of: (B)

A. Plastic and metal

B. Plastic vs Plastic

C. metal and metal

22. The first aging organ in human body is: (C)

A. brain

B. Leather fabric

C. Thymus

23 Who is called "King of Planets"? (C)

A. Venus

B. Mars

C. Jupiter

24. What is phenomenon when "the moon waxes and wanes"? (A)

A. The moon moves around earth

B. The earth moves around sun

C. Rotation of Moon

25. "River" in "Thirty Years of Hedong, Thirty Years of Hexi" originally refers to: (A)

A. Yellow River

B. Huaihe

C. Yangtze River

D. Fenhe

26. If your hands are hot and sore as if burned after slicing chili, washing your hands with following liquids cannot remove spicy smell from your hands (C)

A. Liquor

B. hot water

C. cold water

D. vinegar

27. The main raw materials for toothpaste are: (A)A. friction agent

B. Moisturizer

C. blowing agent

D. Aroma

28. If you look at a red tomato under blue light, what color will tomato be? (C)

A. red

B. blue

C. black

D. Purple

29. People who noseWhat color clothes are most often bitten by mosquitoes? (A)

A. black

B. red

C. yellow

D. white

30. Which of following situations is most conducive to safety during takeoff and landing of an aircraft? (D)

A. take off with wind, land with wind

B. take off with wind, land with wind

C. Take off against wind, land with wind

D. take off against wind, land against wind

31. Normal people usually have teeth (A)

A. 32

B. 30

C. 34

D. 36

32. Ice cream is (D) an invention.



C. Japan

D. China

33. Which of five senses reacts faster? (D)

A. smell

B. visual

C. Listening

D. Taste

34. Weather forecast "today cloudy with a little rain", what is precipitation or light rain? (A)

A. Less than 15 ml

B. Less than 20 ml

C. Less than 25 ml

D. Less than 30 ml

35. Largest organ in human body: (D)

A. brain

B. muscle

C. bones

D. skin

36. There is no sound on moon because: (B)

A. Loss of function of human ear

B. no air

C. No sound source

37. On October 12, 1999, world's population erupted (B).

A. 5 billion

B. 6 billion

C. 7 billion

D. 4.5 billion

38. The largest mammal in world (B)

A. elephant

B. blue whale

C. Mustang

D. Shark

39. In a room with a constant temperature, you are colder when you stand barefoot on tile than on wadding because: (B)

A. Cotton temperature is higher

B. Ceramic tiles conduct heat faster

C. Body illusion

40. A person is weighed once at equator and then weighed again at North Pole under same physical conditions, then: (B)

A. Heavy at equator, light in Arctic

B. Light at equator, heavy at North Pole

C. same weight

41. Generally speaking, environment is quiet when sound is lower (A).

A50 decibel

B60 decibel

C70 decibel

42. On surface of Jupiter there is a Great Red Spot, which is especially striking. About 400 years ago, astronomers discovered this mysterious Great Red Spot. What it is? (A)

A. Huge vortex

B. Volcano

C. Don't know yet

43. Which star is only "lying" planet in solar system (C)

A. Mars

B. Venus

C. Uranus

44. Wind direction is direction wind is blowing or direction wind is blowing away (A)

A. Wind direction

B. Direction of wind

45. my country is water scarce and water resources per capita are only (C) of total water per capita in world

A. 1/2

B. 1/3

C. 1/4

D. 1/5

46. Where in living room is most polluted (C).

A. bedroom

B. living room

C. kitchen

D. toilet

47. Suppose two kinds of plants grow together in a pot. When two plants are planted separately, one dies and other grows much better. What is connection between them? (A)

A. parasitic

B. Symbiosis

C. self-sustaining

D. Heterotrophic

48. The Nobel Prize was created by famous Swedish scientist Nobel (A)

A. Chemist

B. Physicist

C. biologist

49. The reason why Chinese medicines cannot be boiled in boiling water: (B)

A. Boiling water will kill effective cells of Botanical Chinese Medicine

B. Boiling water will curdle starch and protein

C. Boiled water should not be mixed with traditional Chinese medicine

50. What drinks can not be drunk at a temperature? (C)

A. Juice

B. Boiled water

C. strong tea

51. The main reasons why ultraviolet rays can sterilize: (A)

A. Destroy nucleic acid of bacteria

B. Sugar that destroys bacteria

C. Bacteria-killing lipids

52. If father's blood type is type A and mother's blood type is AB, is it possible to give birth to a child with blood type? (C)

A. Type A

B. Type B

C. Type O

D. Type AB

53. The purpose of swing is to maximize vibration time of swing. You can use following method: (B)

A. When swing reaches its highest point, person quickly squats onto board, and when swing reaches its highest point, person quickly stands up on board

B. When swing reaches its highest point, person quickly gets up on board, and when swing reaches its lowest position, person quickly crouches down.

C. Try not to change

54. What is best drinking water temperature in life (B)

A. 18~24 degrees

B. 44~59 degrees

C. 34~39 degrees

D. About 33 degrees

55. what kindPollution is called "the number one killer in world" (A)

A. water pollution

B. light pollution

C. air pollution

56. The history of mankind is only a few million years, but how old is Earth (A)

A. 5 billion

B. 6 billion

C. 4 billion

57. First country to successfully develop an atomic bomb: (A)


B. Soviet Union


D. China

58. What do green rings on Olympic flag mean? (C)

A. America

B. Evropa

C. Australia

D. Asia

59. Whooping cough in "whooping cough" refers to: (A)

A. Duration of course of disease

B. Usually begins at 100 days of age

C. It took only 100 days to detect virus

D. The disease has an incubation period of 100 days

60. What foods can not be eaten with persimmon? С

A. sweet potato

B. mung beans

C. crab

D. Lamb

61. The time of day when air is freshest is (A).

A. Around 10:00, 15:00–16:00

B. 12:00

C. Before 7:00 and around 19:00

62. Bats don't rely on their eyes to catch mosquitoes at night, what do they rely on? (A)

A. Ultrasound

B. Electromagnetic waves

C. brain waves

63. What is average lifespan of a wild tiger? (C)

A. 15 years

B. 20 years

C. 25 years

64. When spring comes to an end, earrings will fly in air. Catkins refers to (A).

A. Willow flowers

B. Willow fibers

C. Downy willow seeds

D. Willow tree waste

65. Grinding of teeth in children at night has many causes, most important of which is related to (D).

A. Scary day

B. dental diseases

C. Indigestion

D. Intestinal parasites

66. What is smallest flower in world, not even visible to naked eye? (B)

A. cherry

B. rice

C. Begonia

67. Noise is scourge of what disease? (A)

A. high blood pressure

B. Ischemic heart disease

C. stroke

68. "Kidney of Earth" is (A)

A. Wetlands

B. ocean

C. atmosphere

D. Earth

69. There are (C) internationally recognized constellations.

A. 12

B. 35

C. 88

D. 106

70. Which of following animals does not have vocal cords (C)

A. elephant

B. monkey

C. giraffe

D. Panda

71. How many tons of water does a person need to drink in a lifetime? (WITH).

A. 60 tons

B. 70 tons

C. 80 tons

D. 90 tons

72. People on earth are looking at clear blue skies because: (C)

A. Sea water on mainland reflects sky blue

B. Blue in sunlight is reflected as blue by objects

C. The blue light of sun is scattered by particles in sky and becomes blue

D. The universe itself is blue

73. How can you deflate a ping pong ball? (C)

A. Put in freezer

B. Blow in

C. Soak in boiling water

74. Hardest part of human body: (C)

A. Nail

B. teeth

C. skull

75. Penguin is: (A)

A. Oviparous animals

B. Mammal

76. How many bones does an adult have (B)

A. 205

B. 206

C. 207

D. 208

77. Wearing less chemical fibers and more clothing made from natural fibers is good for human health. The following fibers are not natural (C).

A. Cotton

B. Silk

C. Ice Silk

D. Natural color cotton

78. Are tomatoes multi-seeded fruits? (B)

A. yes

B. No (tomatoes are vegetables)

79. Why can't a kite's thread be straightened? (C)

A. The kite line is too thin

B. too windy

C. The rope of a kite is attracted to ground

80. Why do crabs crawl sideways? (A)

A. Leg joints can only bend down

B. The joint can only bend forward

C. Joints can bend forward and backward

81. Why do people yawn? (A)

A. Breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide

B. Breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen

C. drink

82. Is yogurt healthier than fresh milk? (A)

A. yes

B. not

83. Why does my stomach growl when I'm hungry? (B)

A. Intestine boils

B. It screams gas in stomach

84. I can't break eggs, how can I tell raw eggs from boiled ones? (A)

A. Turning table, those that stop quickly are raw eggs and those that stop slowly are boiled eggs.

B. Turning table, those that stop quickly are boiled eggs and those that stop slowly are raw eggs.

85. What clothes are cooler in summer? (B)

A. black

B. white

C. Brown

86. When a person rides a motorcycle and flies over an obstacle, for sake of safety when landing, he must (B)

A. The front wheels hit ground first

B. The rear wheels touch ground first

C. Front and rear wheels touch ground at same time

87. Why do pigs like to dig holes? (C)

A. Habits inherited from wild times

B. Easy to find food

C. Wet your nose with damp earth

D. Head heavy

88. How long is easiest time to wash dirty clothes in water? (A)

A. 15 minutes

B. 30 minutes

C. 60 minutes

D. Over 60 minutes

89. The word "dry" in dry red and dry white wine means dry. (C)

A. special taste

B. With raisin filling

C. Sugar content

D. Degree of wine

90. Why was compass not called a compass in ancient times? (B)

A. Beitong was defeated, which is not very favorable

B. South facing respect, north facing humility

C. Men outnumber women by adopting homonym "masculine"

D. Shunkou Challenge

91. What is maximum stress human body can withstand? (D)

A. 220

B. 110

C. 15

D. 36

92. Why are tree trunks often painted white (B)

A. Fireproof

B. Sterilization

C. Prevent eating by livestock

D. Tree difference

93. After heavy rain, earthworms often crawl to ground to practice. Reason (C)

A. Lack of food in hole

B. Lack of sunlight in hole

C. Lack of oxygen in hole

D. The temperature in cave is too low

94. The highest daily temperature occurs around 14:00 and lowest temperature occurs at: (A)

A. Before and after sunrise

B. Around midnight

95. The main cause of wind formation is (B). A. The convective movement of rising and falling air

B. Atmospheric pressure difference in horizontal direction C. Difference in ground level

D. Air density is different at different altitudes

96. Who is called "King of Planets"? (C)A. Venus

B. Mars

C. Jupiter

97. What does it mean that when traveling, station staff must cut a small slot in ticket held by passenger? (A)A. Compulsory insurance

B. Count number of passengers

C. Effective use of signs

98. What elements in stainless steel make this alloy steel rustproof (C)

A. Carbon

B. Iron

C. Chrome

D. Aluminum

99. Mid-Autumn Festival Moonrise Moment (A)

A. at sunset

B. midnight

C. noon

D. 2 hours before sunrise

100. "Queen bee" and "worker bee" in bees: (B)

A. Bee-female, peak-male

B. female bee, female bee

C. Xiongfeng, Xiongfeng

D. male peak, female bee

Source: People's Daily