Revealed: 7 scientific facts that many people have long believed wrong

Revealed: 7 scientific facts that many people have long believed wrong

In fact, even if we do not deliberately learn some scientific knowledge, we also gain a lot of scientific knowledge around us and in our daily lives. This is because there is a lot of scientific knowledge that is closely related to our lives, and we always get this knowledge from our parents and other elders. But problem is that a lot of knowledge is not quite correct, and maybe completely wrong. This time editor brings 7 scientific knowledge that many have mistakenly believed in for a long time.

1. Will a coin fall from a tall building kill a person?

A parabolic is indeed something you shouldn't do, but are there rumors that a coin dropped from a great height can actually kill a person? The answer is no, coin will roll when it falls, coupled with its low weight and too much air resistance, this will indeed cause some damage, but not fatal. Of course, if a large nut weighing 50 grams falls from a tall building and hits a person's skull, it can actually kill a person.

2. Is it safe to eat by lifting food for 5 seconds?

Many people have experienced so-called "5 second rule" when they were young, that is, after food falls to ground, silently count for 5 seconds, and after quickly picking up food during this time, they will feel that it is safe to eat. Many people stop believing in this rule as adults, but there are those who take it seriously and think that picking food quickly will prevent too many bacteria from creeping up on your food. But studies by scientists have shown that longer exposure does lead to an increase in bacteria, but infection can occur even within a fraction of a second. So it doesn't make much sense to pick it up for 5 seconds.

3. Swallowed chewing gum is not digested?

Many people at an early age agree that chewing gum cannot be swallowed because it lingers in stomach. But this is not true. Although chewing gum is meant to be chewed, not swallowed. But it won't hurt if you accidentally swallow gum, as long as you don't keep swallowing it on purpose, which happens. When you swallow gum, your stomach can't digest it like other foods, but it won't stay in your stomach forever. It is more likely to pass through digestive system in a more intact form and then be excreted in feces.

Of course, in extremely rare and rare cases, if a child swallows a large amount of chewing gum and becomes constipated, chewing gum can block his intestines.

4. Is largest creature in world a blue whale?

Perhaps many people doubt this, isn't blue whale biggest creature? In fact, blue whale is indeed largest animal in world and possibly largest ever. But in field of biology, this is not case. In 1998, Armillaria was discovered in Blue Mountains of Oregon, USA, covering an area of ​​over 965 hectares, equivalent to 1,665 football fields, making it largest organism in world.

5. Are elephants afraid of mice?

This strange knowledge seems to come from some kind of children's fairy tale, and many people seriously believe it. And it is believed that this is because mouse climbs into elephant's trunk. But this statement is not true, mice are not stupid enough for this, and elephants are not afraid of mice. Of course, since elephants have poor eyesight, suddenly appearing small animals can really scare them.

6. Are bulls angry because of red?

Many people know about matadors and how they always use red cloth to annoy bull. This makes people think that bull is angry because of red object. But it's not right. Bulls are colorblind compared to humans, they can't see red at all. But even if matador does not use red cloth, bull will be furious. They are not angry at color of fabric, but at way bullfighter moves fabric.

7. Can a shark smell a drop of blood in ocean?

There are many strange and false scientific rumors about sharks, such as their extreme bloodthirstiness and love for people. Or maybe they can quickly smell a drop of blood in ocean and attract bleeding creatures. But it is not so. They have a really keen sense of smell, and in an Olympic size pool they do smell a drop of blood, but they are not as dramatic as rumors are and they are not attracted to it.