11 very interesting scientific cold knowledge, how much can you stick to?

11 very interesting scientific cold knowledge, how much can you stick to?

Science is strict, but sometimes scientific knowledge is very interesting. Now let's take a look at this "little-known" scientific cold knowledge!

1. When you mention flamingos, what do you think of? Yes, that's its bright coloration, but flamingos aren't actually born red, flamingos get carotenoids from food. Dyes are made from raw materials like shrimp and algae.(Have you ever seen a snow-white flamingo?)

2. Like flamingos, body color of polar bears is different from what we see with our own eyes. In fact, the skin of polar bears is black, and color of their fur is colorless and transparent. (Eyes sometimes deceive us.)

3. Scientists suggest that if people continue to ignore impact of greenhouse effect on climate, emperor penguins in Antarctica are likely to become extinct around 2100. Currently, emperor penguins are extremely reproductive. Great decline. (Those animals that we thought would never disappear will eventually disappear.)

4. Also go back seven years and seven years later you are not same person, almost all human cells will be renewed every seven years.(It is seven years. Is this cause of itching?)

5.We all know that first man on moon was Armstrong. Do you know second man on moon, what do you know?! Aldrin, but that's not point,My friend Aldrin is first man to urinate on moon, but he didn't urinate directly on moon. (Aldrin: There's always a first man on moon. Oops.)

6. The Earth's rotation is slowing down and time of day is increasing. But time can be shortened. Strong earthquakes can shift Earth's axis and permanently shorten time of day. The 2004 Sumatra earthquake caused us about aloss of 6.8 microseconds. (immersed in lost time can't get out.)

7. Do you know where pineapple grows buried in ground? On tree? No, neither one nor other. You may be deeply insecure in next picture and you will find that you seem to be deceitful. (The QQ farm then deceived me.)

8. If an alien were to look at Earth through a telescope from a distance of 65 million light years, it would see Cretaceous period, and what it would see would be dinosaurs, not years after that would not be visible. (We are everywhere but nowhere. One day our shadows will be all over universe.)

9.Scientists believe that all habitable planets, including Earth, will have final shape of Venus. According to data reported by Venus Magellan probe, history of Venus is very similar to current Earth, and in last evolutionary stage of Venus, there may be liquid water. (This Venus is not that Venus!)

10. It makes perfect sense that humans evolved from dust, because components of human body come from original dust created by big bang 13.8 billion years ago (ashes to ashes, dust to dust, although we are small. But it is inseparable from vast universe.)

11. The Moon is only natural satellite of Earth, and distance between them is 384,000 km. Although this is a long distance compared to a light-year of universe, a distance of 384,000 kilometers is enough to accommodate there are no other seven planets in solar system, and moon is moving away from Earth due to expansion of universe. (Seven planets: see our parking limit!)< /p>

The development of science and technology has brought many conveniences to people. At same time, this interesting scientific knowledge has also enriched our knowledge. Science always exudes endless charm.