What unexpected scientific knowledge is there in a two-dimensional world?

What unexpected scientific knowledge is there in a two-dimensional world?

Some people say that when watching anime and playing games, you can't reckon with science, because world of animation does not belong to Newton. But today, editor wants to find a different way of thinking and discreetly talk about unexpected science in a two-dimensional world.

You can hover as long as you don't look down.

Tom and Jerry is a masterpiece of science

When watching anime "Tom and Jerry", many people think about question, why is Tom, like a cat, always cornered by Jerry mouse?

In fact, there is a scientific explanation for this doubt. A professor at Fordham University in US discovered in a study that cats don't like catching mice that much! Not only are cats in cities not very good at catching big mice, they don't even have an appetite for them.

In his experiments, professor also discovered that cats seem to prefer to climb into cardboard boxes rather than prey on mice. While mice were walking on ground, cats hardly moved, and legendary scenes of chasing each other were infrequent.

At same time, it has also been found that mice will actively avoid cats and maintain a low profile, and cats will not expend their energy catching large mice weighing more than 300 grams. So presence of cats makes people feel like there are fewer mice, but truth is that mice are hiding. In conclusion, both rats and humans seem to overestimate capabilities of city cats.

Having learned this, watch cartoon "Tom and Jerry", where witty mouse Jerry can beat stupid cat Tom, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with that.

How strong is Steve in My World?

Obviously, mouse is hidden king, but in fact, many seemingly ordinary characters in games are actually "peerless powerhouses" like Steve in Minecraft.

First, we can find out height of this strong man, which was calculated by SpacePak technology channel.

In Minecraft, each block is a cube with a length, width, and height of 1 meter, so we only need to compare block's pixel height with Steve to guess Steve's height.

First look at squares. For ease of calculation, we calculate length of each square in pixels according to 16 pixels noted in Wikipedia "My World". By dividing 1 meter by 16, we can get that 1 pixel represents a length of 6.25 cm.

And Steve's height is 32 pixels, which means that answer is: Steve's height is about 200 cm, that is, 2 meters. Some friends have mentioned that ratio of Steve's height pixel to his real height is not same in different modes, but fact that he is a notorious strong man has not escaped.

Having learned about Steve's real height, a new question arises: since Steve is so tall and large, how strong is he? Let's continue to use our knowledge of math and physics to calculate magic power of Iron and Steel Steve.

To judge Steve's strength, it would be nice to see how much he can carry.

Netizen Sarah calculated that there are 36 slots in Steve's magical backpack (not counting the MP net), and each slot can hold 64 cubic meters of gold, for a total of 2,304 cubic meters of gold. One cubic meter of gold is 19.32 tons.

In other words, according to Steve's backpack, if he wants to, amount of gold on his back will be 26% of all gold mined in entire history of earth, which is about 45,000 tons, and about 98 gold is needed. To download all this, truck required. But our main character Steve decided to carry them on his shoulders! If he uses a backpack, weight of one shoulder is almost equivalent to 2,500 school buses.

But if you think it's already scary, you're wrong. What's even more intimidating is that under these load conditions, Steve can still jump about 1 meter high!

Yes, Steve with such a heavy shoulder has such amazing explosive power in his legs and it's truly an honor for such a strong man to be able to control us between mouse and keyboard, Steve. A branded human rocket worth having.

Is game world suitable for human habitation?

As a well-known figure in gaming world, Mario has also attracted attention of scientists. An astrophysicist named Gabe calculated gravity of Mario's world and found it completely unsuitable for human survival.

The reason physicist has such a leisurely mind is because after he beat game, question popped into his head: Mario, why can he jump so high?

According to people on Earth, easiest way to quickly improve your jumping ability is to jump in a low gravity environment. Like an astronaut on moon, even wearing a heavy space suit, he can still jump forward, perhaps same is true for Mario World.

On contrary, seriousness of Mario's world goes far beyond tolerance of normal people. Gabe thinks that calculating "gravitational acceleration" is most direct way.

For example, in vacuum environment of Earth, when an object rises in a straight line, every second speed of object will decrease by 9.8 meters per second. This is 9.8 - value of acceleration of free fall on surface of earth.

If we want to calculate gravitational acceleration in Mario's world, we need to know maximum height of each Mario jump and time it takes him to jump to highest point. This formula was taught in high school physics class, and acceleration is equal to twice height of jump divided by square of time it takes to reach top of jump.

And Mario, without running up, can directly jump to a height equivalent to 2.25 of his own height. In Super Mario World, Mario's official height is 1.55 meters, so his jump height is 3.5 meters.

We can then measure time it takes Mario to climax in game from moment he hits ground. This time: 0.3 seconds.

Next, we can use acceleration formula to calculate that Mario World's acceleration value is 78, which is equivalent to 8 times Earth's acceleration. So, reason why Mario jumps high is not because of low gravity. He seems to have pretty strong leg muscles and everyone relies on his strength to work wonders.

In other words, in game, Mario just jumped on a brick, but if he lived on ground, it would be equivalent to jumping on roof of a 9-story building.

Now that we know acceleration of gravity on Mario's planet, you might be wondering where does Mario live? In fact, physicists have compared entire solar system and found no suitable planets. Moreover, even if people on such a planet travel back in time, they may not survive episode.

If you want to be a superhero, you must study hard first

Have you thought about it, if you are a superhero, you don't have to study, go to school, let alone pass exams, just save the world. If you have this idea, Kuangwan wants to say that your idea is too dangerous, because if you want to become a superhero, you must first study hard.

Why? Let's take a look at "resume" of superheroes like Iron Man, who got a lot of attention. He is a recognized technological genius and a well-known comic book inventor. He has extraordinary wisdom and entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age of 15. He graduated from Faculty of Electronic Engineering with highest score, and also received a double doctorate in physics and engineering. He is a real super-academician.

There is also Doctor Strange, who is already very strong on his own. Dr. Strange, whose real name is Stephen Strange, is an M.D. from Columbia University in United States, before he learned magic, was best neurosurgeon and knew how to perform most complex operations.

Then let's look at Professor X, a famous character from X-Men. He graduated from Harvard University at age of 16 and went to Oxford and Columbia Universities to complete several doctoral dissertations. So later he founded a school for mutants, and it was only natural that he became its headmaster.

Besides these few, many superheroes are actually born academic masters. Students, conclusion is now clear: knowledge is indeed power. In this life, we can't match superheroes in terms of superpowers, everyone should study hard and not let them crush their education.

After reading this, do you feel like you've gained some special knowledge?

Source: Crazy Pill Science

Editor: Kuhn

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