Eight little science and technology knowledge you don't know

Eight little science and technology knowledge you don't know

Now that science and technology are developing more and more, we can see traces of science and technology everywhere in our lives, from food coloring, preservatives, cigarettes, etc., to rice cookers, televisions and refrigerators, which are very common electronic technologies in our daily life. We are very familiar with these products, but know little about technology.

1. Preservative

We all know that function of preservatives is only to keep food fresh and prevent spoilage due to mold and rot. We often see preservatives in food ingredients, especially in some canned foods.

2. Food coloring

Many of foods we eat look glamorous at first glance, but in fact, most of them are pigmented, such as ice cream, candies and jams we eat at market. Although food coloring is added, its frequent use can be harmful to people's health.

3. Green food

We often hear word "green food", which means no pollution, organic food without pesticides. This kind of food must pass inspection of China Organic Food Development Center, and then put a special mark.

4. Cigarette toxins

Cigarettes are a known poison, but there are still many people who can't stop smoking. As for how harmful smoking is, about twenty cigarettes can kill a cow. According to relevant surveys, approximately every 10 seconds someone dies from smoking.

5. Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that we are very familiar with, especially when carbon is burned, large amounts of carbon monoxide are produced, and inhaling excessive amounts of carbon monoxide causes shock to a person. So, how much carbon monoxide will be produced from car exhaust? Although there is no specific study, but car was in a state of stop and go, and more carbon monoxide will be produced.

6. Pollution from household appliances

Today, everyone in house has a lot of electrical appliances. What do you know about household appliance pollution? Most electrical appliances produce radiation, especially large household appliances that emit more radiation. There is also an air conditioner. If air conditioner is turned on for a long time without frequent ventilation, it is easy to infect people in room with a virus.

7. Danger of detergents

Most people now wash their clothes in machine. Machine washing causes detergent to remain on clothes, which causes skin irritation and even causes skin allergies and infection with skin diseases. If a cleaning agent is released into nature, it also pollutes environment and endangers nearby aquatic life.

8. Plastic waste

In some rare places, we can often see plastic bottles or plastic bags. Sinceplastic does not decompose, it can remain same after hundreds of years and still pollute environment.

Eight little science and technology knowledge you don't know
Eight little science and technology knowledge you don't know