scientific trivia

scientific trivia

In everyday life, we often observe amazing natural phenomena, such as lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteorites, etc. ...

These natural phenomena have left a deep mark on people's minds, causing people's endless curiosity about them. But how do these natural phenomena occur? These miraculous phenomena of nature are scientific knowledge.

Today I will introduce you to above scientific knowledge that has taken place around us, and I hope that it will be useful and inspiring to you.

1, lightning

scientific trivia

Lightning is caused by earth's magnetic field. When there is a high voltage electric field near ground, lightning occurs.

Lightning most often occurs before and after a thunderstorm, usually on mountain peaks, ridges, plains and forests, less often on sea or on coast. If a person stands on an open and level ground, he can see a white flash in sky: “This kind of lightning is called “tiandian”. Lightning has strong vibrations and can emit strong electromagnetic (X-ray) and infrared radiation. .

2, volcano eruption

scientific trivia

This is one of most common natural phenomena on surface of earth. If proper protective measures are not taken, a powerful shock wave will occur during a volcanic eruption, which is even more powerful than an atomic bomb explosion. For example, on February 8, Showa Crater in Sakurajima, Japan, erupted again almost five years later. The highest volcano erupted at an altitude of 1000 m from crater. a large amount of smoke directly at a distance of about 2000 meters. The scene was shocking. These are all manifestations of movement of earth's crust, which means that earth expresses its own thermal energy, because of huge energy generated, it often brings great disasters to human life. There are two main causes of volcanic eruptions: one is due to action of internal pressure of earth, that is, unevenness of temperature and density inside earth, and convection is formed inside earth. When pressure of magma chamber breaks through to surface, a volcanic eruption is formed. Secondly, due to mutual friction between earth's plates, dehydration of high-temperature hydrous minerals leads to a decrease in melting point of rocks, which leads to release of magma and causes volcanic eruptions.

Why do volcanic eruptions produce so much energy?

Because during a volcanic eruption, a large amount of gas and debris is ejected from ground, and at same time a large amount of high-temperature gas and volcanic ash is generated, which reduces oxygen content in air; rises to a great height and dissipates; when temperature rises to a certain level, it condenses into solid ice and falls down.

3, Earthquake

scientific trivia

Earthquake in Amatrice

Earthquakes on Earth are caused by a sharp movement of earth's crust up and down, that is, displacement and rupture of edges and inside of plates formed by mutual extrusion and collision of plates on earth. . This can cause a lot of deformation of ground, and this deformation can cause a lot of damage to surface. For example, on February 6, two strong earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 hit Turkey, many buildings were destroyed to ruins, and 23,000 people have died so far. Great harm to man.

4, traffic

scientific trivia

A meteor is a common natural phenomenon that is light trails formed by cosmic dust and solid blocks moving through interstellar space, which are pulled by Earth's gravity as they approach Earth and rub against Earth's atmosphere as they pass by. through Earth's atmosphere at high speed. Simply put, it is a high-speed moving object with a certain amount of energy moving around Earth at high speed. Most meteorites that fall to earth are meteorites. A meteor shower is caused by enormous energy generated by comet itself as it ejects material. A meteor shower is an astronomical phenomenon in which a certain number of inactive groups of meteoroids appear over a certain period of time.

There are many natural phenomena on earth, and I will continue to share them with you in next issue. Friends from other planets of the universe, do you have these natural phenomena there?