5 little facts about universe

5 little facts about universe
5 little facts about universe

The universe is a mysterious place full of unknowns. Let's explore secrets of universe together and learn some interesting scientific knowledge.

1️⃣ Origin of Universe

The origin of universe can be traced back to a massive explosion about 13.8 billion years ago, known as "big bang theory". This theory states that universe began as an infinitely small, infinitely hot, and infinitely dense point, then instantly expanded and cooled, eventually forming universe we see today.

2️⃣ Galaxies

A galaxy is a system of celestial bodies, consisting of countless stars, planets, gas and dust. The largest known galaxy, IC 1101, is over 5 million light-years across in constellation Virgo and contains trillions of stars.

5 little facts about universe

3️⃣ Black holes

A black hole is an extremely dense object whose gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape it. Black holes form when stars collapse after running out of fuel, and if star is massive enough, a black hole forms. The largest black hole known to us is black hole at center of galaxy M87 in constellation Virgo, which has a mass hundreds of billions of times that of Earth.

4️⃣ Planets

Planets are celestial bodies that orbit a star and vary in size and composition. The largest planet currently known to us is Jupiter, which is about 11 times diameter of Earth, but 318 times mass of Earth.

5️⃣ Life in Universe

Currently, we have not found any life forms in universe, but scientists believe that there may be some kind of microorganisms or other life forms in universe. In addition, we are also constantly looking to see if there are suitable environments for human habitation on other planets.

The universe is a place of wonder and unknown, and there is still much for us to explore and learn. I hope this popular science article will help you understand and become interested in universe.