10 little-known facts from practical science

10 little-known facts from practical science

Of course, I am happy to share some practical scientific facts that are not known to ordinary people. Here are ten examples:

1. When making coffee, boil water and wait for a while before brewing coffee to improve taste. This is because a moderate cooling time can reduce solubility of caffeine and prevent excessive bitterness from being released.

2. If you want to reheat pizza or bread slices in microwave, place a glass of water next to your food. Water molecules help keep food moist and tasty by absorbing microwave radiation and turning it into heat.

3. Put your phone in airplane mode to fully charge it faster. Communications, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi use battery power, and turning them off will reduce power consumption, allowing for faster charging.

4. If oil stains are found on glasses, rubbing with a little milk can effectively remove oil. Whey protein in milk has fat burning properties.

5. Prolonged use of keyboard and mouse can cause discomfort in hands and wrists. Regular stretching and relaxation of wrists and fingers, as well as doing simple finger exercises, can relieve fatigue and tension.

6. It is best to buy new shoes in afternoon or in evening. Since during this period legs usually swell slightly, it is more correct to choose shoes according to size.

7. Adjust washing machine temperature setting to cold water level to save energy. Most modern detergents are designed to effectively wash clothes at lower temperatures.

8. If you want to cut into pieces of chocolate, put them in a plastic bag and roll them with a rolling pin. It is easier to control size and shape of pieces than to cut with a knife.

9. Listening to music can improve effect of exercise. Research has shown that listening to fast-paced music can improve endurance and exercise motivation.

10. When taking shelter outdoors during a thunderstorm, do not stand under trees, hold on to metal objects, or use corded telephones. This is due to ability of lightning to transmit electricity through conductors, so avoiding contact with conductive objects reduces the risk of injury.

I hope you find these interesting facts interesting and useful! If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.