23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot
23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

1. Most of oxygen on Earth does not come from trees, but mostly from algae in ocean.

2. The lower body temperature of an animal, longer its lifespan. On invertebrates, vertebrates, oviparous or viviparous animals, scientists have repeatedly tested this truth.

3. Sometimes when you smell a certain smell, you suddenly think of a dusty memory from a long time ago, for example, smelling a certain body odor, you think of a certain person - this phenomenon is called "Proustian effect".

4. About 1% of static electricity on your TV is due to cosmic microwave background radiation from 1.3 billion years ago.

5. The most suitable planet for immigrant alcoholics in future is Sagittarius B, and gas cloud next to it contains 100 trillion tons of alcohol.

23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

6. There are no four seasons on Venus.

7. Although Mercury is closest planet to Sun, Venus is warmest planet.

8. The orbit of Moon around Earth is gradually increasing every year, which means that Moon is slowly moving away from Earth.

9. One day on Venus is equivalent to more than one year on Earth.

10. The static electricity generated by sandstorms is enough to knock a grown man off his feet.

23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

11. Every hour, a person adds 37 million bacteria to a room.

12. 1% of snowflakes and noises that appear when there is no TV program are relics from Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

13. Mushrooms can be trained to eat cigarette butts, chew on old diapers, spilled oil, and even ingest radiation.

14. The Droste effect is a visual form of recursion, meaning that a certain part of image matches entire image, so that an infinite loop is generated. Such images can be made using mathematical software called Mathmap.

15. More than 1/4 pound of salt can be extracted from every gallon of sea water.

23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

16. During full moon, temperature of earth will rise by 0.02 degrees.

17. The Milky Way and Sagittarius dwarf galaxy have played out a merger drama for hundreds of millions of years, and latter is swallowed up first. Under influence of gravity, Sagittarius dwarf galaxy is torn apart and annexed like ramen noodles, so cruel.

18. On March 17, 2021, UC Davis researchers published a new study in PLOS ONE. Studies have shown that adding small amounts of seaweed to cattle feed can reduce methane emissions by up to 82%.

23 scientific cold knowledge and learned a lot

19. A clean block size of a matchbox can be pressed into a sheet size of a tennis court.

20. Astronauts on International Space Station can't enjoy delicious aroma of hot food way we do on Earth, because in microgravity, heat radiates in all directions.

21. In experiments on study of aging, lifespan of worms can be increased 10 times, in flies and mice maximum increase is only 1.5 times.

22. Some of most distant stars in the Milky Way are actually "stolen" from nearby galaxies when two galaxies are close together.

23. A person weighing 100 kg on Earth weighs only 38 kg on Mars.