9 wonderful and interesting scientific cold knowledge, come and see what you know?

9 wonderful and interesting scientific cold knowledge, come and see what you know?

Today I would like to present you 9 interesting scientific knowledge about cold. After reading, perhaps your knowledge will improve.

1. Do you know what is most expensive liquid in world? Maybe you don't know anything about function of this liquid, but you must be dumbfounded by price of this liquid. Scorpion venom, in addition to its anti-epileptic and sedative effects, also has various magical effects, such as anti-tumor and anti-thrombotic. The price per liter can be sold for 10 million US dollars. Is it too late to breed scorpions?

Emperor Scorpio

2. What? Humans have half DNA of bananas! Not only that, but your DNA is 95% genetically similar to our faithful friend, dog, almost 100% similar to chimpanzee DNA and almost 100% similar to pig 83% similarity in DNA and about 80% similarity with nasty Drosophila gene,

Dog: make friends

3. Earlier, when we mentioned bacteria, we expressed disgust. With popularization of scientific knowledge, we know that some bacteria are harmless or even beneficial to human body. Bacteria have a certain sense of resistance.

The data tells you that human body is basically an organism made up of a huge group of bacteria. The number of bacteria in body is nine times number of cells. In other words, about nine out of ten cells are formed. bacteria. According to relevant statistics, all bacteria in human body reproduce about 100 trillion individual cells,

If we destroy all our bacteria, we will kill ourselves.

Come and see what bacteria you have in your body

4. People can emit light without being charged. What people emit is a kind of biological light that can emit a faint light in the dark. But this light is very weak, which is much weaker than we are. The light you feel is a thousand times weaker and you need special tools to see it. Relying on biological light is not as good as relying on a shiny bald head.

5. If you are on Venus, you will find a strange phenomenon, that is, time of day is longer than time of year. The cycle is only about 224 days, i.e. ordinary life.

Gold Star

6. A university in Japan once conducted an experiment to train pigeons to recognize work of two artists. Each time, pigeons looked at different paintings by two artists (Monet and Picasso) and gave different rewards for each answer. Once, when experimenter took out a painting that he had never seen before, dove could immediately tell if painting was Picasso or Monet. Therefore, experiment concluded that pigeon is artistically talented. Pigeons have more artistic cages than you.

7. Believe it or not, skirt was originally designed for British aristocrats, but because characteristics of the skirt are too popular with women, it gradually evolved into what it is today. situation.

8. Snoring is very common. If you start snoring after falling asleep, then you have lost ability to dream. People who dream won't snore because your brain can't show it. You dream when you are out of breath.

In addition, people will experience various feelings that are difficult to distinguish in a dream from true and false, even emotions and atmospheres, but almost no one in world can experience taste in a dream. no trace.

Dream Girl

9. We may think that there is some scientific basis for three meals a day, but first Chinese formed concept of three meals a day during Song Dynasty due to prosperity of economy, rulers. The night curfew has been lifted, so people tired of games should eat again in the evening. However, in line with this trend, we are likely to move to four meals a day.



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