18 Interesting Facts About Science That May Seem Counterintuitive, But It's True

18 Interesting Facts About Science That May Seem Counterintuitive, But It's True

Everywhere in life there is all kinds of scientific knowledge, and application of this knowledge in everyday life is becoming more and more extensive. As long as you know this with your heart, you will find that many little knowledges can make your life brighter. So what do you know about this knowledge? The following is life science knowledge information compiled by editor, hope you enjoy it!

1. Mice usually live only two years, while elephants live almost 70 years, but number of heartbeats in their lives is basically same.

2. Jilin means city along river in Manchu.

3. African penguins living on southwestern coast of Africa have a very peculiar call, like a donkey.

4. There is an idiomatic expression called unfortunate green boy, which originally meant a boy in light green clothes and was later used to describe a handsome man.

5. Feeling as if something has happened, in fact this phenomenon is a normal physiological phenomenon, called deja vu, because similar scenes have arisen in brain, so there will be a feeling of deja vu.

6. Although mandarin ducks are often used as a metaphor for couples' love, mandarin ducks are not actually goal-oriented animals.

7. When American couples get married, their relatives and friends give congratulations with essentials instead of red envelopes.

8. The voice we hear is usually deeper than what is recorded because skull is more efficient at transmitting low frequency sound waves.

9. A normal adult has about 80,000–100,000 hairs, with an average of 150 hairs per square centimeter.

10. Some plants contain a lot of phosphorus, when phosphorus reacts with air, plants glow.

11. German was second most spoken language in US. Many schools and newspapers used German language until it was banned by First World War.

12. It would seem that a simpler match appeared later than a lighter.

13. The lining of stomach is completely renewed every few days by eating away digestive acid.

14. Gold is actually an edible metal and also a dietary supplement, but gold has no nutrition for body, and if you eat too much, you will get sick - "poor disease".

15. In world, almost 50% of people still never answer or call their phones.

16. The average man eats 22 tons of food and drinks 33,000 liters of fluid in his lifetime.

17. If eye were a camera, it would have 576 million pixels.

18. If you listen to music for cows, cows will give more milk.

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