5 common scientific trivia

5 common scientific trivia

#See what you get, very scientific# 1. Why does sorbet float?

Answer: Sorbet evaporates because there is a lot of invisible water vapor in outside air. When it encounters a very cold sherbet, it turns into mist and surrounds sherbet when it is cold. It seems that sorbet is in "Gaza" same thing!

Photos of ice cream (from Internet)

2. Why do people yawn?

Answer: When we feel tired, body produces a lot of carbon dioxide. When there is too much carbon dioxide, oxygen must be added to balance body's needs. Since this residual carbon dioxide will affect functional activities of our body, at this time body sends a defensive reaction, so we yawn. Yawning is a deep breathing action that allows us to take in more oxygen and release carbon dioxide than usual, and relieves fatigue.

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People are yawning (from Internet)

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3. Why can snakes walk without legs?

Answer: They have a lot of scales on their bodies, which is outermost layer of armor on their bodies. The scales are used not only to protect body, but also their "legs". When crawling forward, body takes on an S-shape, and each scale outside of S-shape will tilt upward to help it grip uneven road as it moves forward. These scales interact with snake's muscles and can push body forward. It crawls in front, so snake can walk without it!

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4. Why does my stomach growl when I'm hungry?

Answer: When you are hungry, you will gurgle. This is because food you ate before is almost overcooked. Although stomach is empty, gastric juices in stomach will continue to flow. At this time, contraction of stomach will gradually expand, liquid and gas inside will be agitated, completing gurgling sound. Do not be embarrassed that next time your stomach growls, because this is a normal physiological action!

Touching stomach (from Internet)

Touching stomach (from Internet)

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5. Why do babies cry after birth?

Answer: Babies cry when they are born, not because they are unhappy, but because they take their first breath! When babies leave their mother's body and are born, first breath of air they inhale rushes to throat, at which point it hits vocal cords hard, causing vocal cords to vibrate, and then makes a sound similar to crying. !

The baby is crying (from Internet)

Baby (from Internet)

The baby is crying (from Internet)