13 Science Things You Didn't Learn in High School, The Last Things Everyone Will Try Right Now!

13 Science Things You Didn't Learn in High School, The Last Things Everyone Will Try Right Now!

Water can boil and freeze at same time. This is called triple point, which refers to set of temperatures and pressures in thermodynamics by which three phases of matter (gas, liquid, and solid) reach thermodynamic equilibrium and coexist. For example, triple point solid-liquid-gas-water is 0.01 °C (273.16 K) and 611.73 Pa. This image shows cyclohexane in a vacuum.

Crazy solar flares. The energy released by a solar flare is equivalent to millions of 100-megaton atomic bombs.

What happens when you throw ball during a spin? This is Magnus effect: when an object spins, it causes surrounding fluid to spin, causing fluid's velocity to increase on one side and decrease on other, and ball flies instead.

When you drop a cat, why does it always land on its feet? In slow motion, cat twists and turns its hips to make sure it doesn't burp as it falls into air.

Underwater explosion. If a grenade exploded underwater, your lungs would look like these balloons.

How is a human face formed in womb? Look at picture.

Black holes devour stars. Do you think a black hole swallows a star in one gulp? The actual situation is too far, it will first burst star, and then open its cherry mouth to eat star, it takes an extremely long time, and most of things are wasted, ejected plasma bodies can span hundreds of light years.

Prove Pythagorean theorem using liquids. It does not need to be explained, it can be understood at a glance.

Crazy jellyfish? No, it's just an egg in its shell. At a depth of 18 meters below surface of ocean, where pressure is 2.8 times atmospheric pressure, egg will not fall apart, but will retain a stable shape.

Spaceships are very, very fast. Here speed of flying objects is shown by movement of scenery outside window, namely Boeing 747, reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 Blackbird and New Horizons flying over Pluto.

The laser can get stuck in waterfall. This is called total internal reflection, and when light passes through two media with different refractive indices, some of light is refracted at interface and rest is reflected. This diagram shows how light flows in an optical fiber.

Can clicking hurt my fingers? This is an experiment that scientist personally conducted for 60 years. On one hand, he snapped his fingers frequently in those 60 years, and on other hand, he never snapped his fingers. Then here's an X-ray of both hands. Can you tell which one is fired and which is not without looking at the instructions? Can't tell, so snapping your fingers won't do much harm.

Clear vision of objects without glasses. What to do if you have poor eyesight and forget to put on your glasses? Now you can do as I said, circle your thumb and forefinger to make a little hole like the eye of a needle, and see things through that little hole more clearly?