24 Interesting Science Facts You Can't Find in Books

24 Interesting Science Facts You Can't Find in Books

Everywhere in life there is all kinds of scientific knowledge, and application of this knowledge in everyday life is becoming more and more extensive. As long as you know this with your heart, you will find that many little knowledges can make your life brighter. So what do you know about this knowledge? The following is life science knowledge information compiled by editor, hope you enjoy it!

1. The entry in dictionary is very special: "goddess in charge of toilet."

2. An experiment once showed that chickens are also associated with appearance, and they are more likely to look good

3. Dolphins will shake from side to side when eating octopus, and purpose of this is to make octopus softer and improve taste.

4. Fully ripened bitter melon has a sweet taste.

5. From point of view of production technology, canned food is safest food.

6. Generally speaking, men have better eyesight than women, and women have better hearing than men.

7. It is completely impractical to use an iron pan to cook vegetables to achieve goal of adding iron.

8. For a while chocolate was used as a currency.

9. There is a zip line between Spain and Portugal that can take you across whole country.

10. Nearly a third of Antarctic glaciers are made up of penguin urine.

11. Most cats use same paw to play or eat food, which means that cats, like us, have left-handers and right-handers.

12. The sun appears yellow or orange due to influence of earth's atmosphere. The actual color of sun is white.

13. The average woman eats 250,000 tons of food and drinks 37,000 liters of fluid in her lifetime.

14. The length of all nerves in human body, connected end to end, can reach 75 kilometers.

15. The average number of times a woman cries in her lifetime is five times that of a man, but a woman's average life expectancy is 8 years longer than a man's.

16. Sharks roll their eyes to protect their eyeballs during prey.

17. People with high IQs have more zinc and copper in their hair.

18. In Japan, thanks to human intervention, square watermelons are grown, and their purpose is to facilitate storage.

19. A tablespoon of honey requires 12 bees to work a lifetime.

20. The tuna can only survive if it continues to swim.

21. Rabbits can smell their comrades in excrement of predators.

22. The cloud weighs about 500 tons.

23. The distance between USA and Russia is only 4 kilometers.

At London Zoo in 24th and 18th centuries, visitors had to bring a cat or dog as zoo animal food as a ticket.

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